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As the world shipbuilding industry gradually concentrates in North East Asia, the Chinese shipbuilding industry has been growing rapidly and China's market share has been increasing since the beginning of this century. However, shipping market turned into depression in 2011, meanwhile, the competition in shipbuilding market became increasingly stiff. In addition, because number of Chinese shipyards are tend to be numerous and widely scattered, and there is lack of effective pricing guidance, China Newbuilding Price Index, CNPI, was just born at this historical watershed.
CNPI is issued by China Newbuilding Price Index Co., Ltd. (hereinafter called the Company). The Company consists of three special panels, known as Bulk Carrier Panel, Tanker Panel and Containership Panel. Business volume of total 19 member companies accounts for nearly 70% of Chinese shipbuilding market share. According to rules stipulated by the Company, panelists will contribute their price assessments for every month. Base ship types for sub-indices are strictly defined in terms of ship size, dwt or teu, type of main engine and auxiliary engine, bunker consumption, type of bunker, speed and even number of reefer sockets for container ships. After checked by processional auditor, the newbuilding price assessment will be complied for CNPI based on prescribed weights, and payment terms shall be standardized as 10% X 4 + 60% through computer system. CNPI is published on 30th day of each month except Feb 28th. Furthermore, a market report of Chinese newbuilding market will be published together with CNPI. It is worth mentioning that, in China, our market review is characterized as the only review with independent intellectual property rights and fresh first-hand information for shipbuilding industry.
CNPI can be used as a general reference for Chinese shipyards and foreign buyers in business negotiation. CNPI can also be employed as an effective benchmark to study and judge the shipbuilding market for banks, insurance companies, research institutes, schools and even government sectors.
United Shipping Consultant (Shanghai) Ltd (USCO) is a wholly owned subsidiary of China Newbuilding Price Index Co., Ltd., and responsible for daily operation of CNPI and related services.
Our Services
Newbuilding Price Intelligence and Market Reports
Newbuilding Price Intelligence Service is collective wisdom from 18 leading ship brokerage houses and can be a comprehensive source for shipbuilding pricing and other information. CNPI newbuilding price system covers 3 major shipbuilding sectors and 14 standardized newbuilding ship types (6 dry bulkers, 5 tankers, and 3 containerships).
In addition, CNPI Market Report provides exclusive insights into shipbuilding industry. Specifics on newbuilding activities, market segmentation and trend in China and other important global markets are featured.
Full service of Newbuilding Price Intelligence and Market Reports service can be subscribed by clicking CNPI. Current subscribers include shipping companies, shipowners, shipyards, brokerage houses, lawyers, banks, insurance companies and so on.
Ship Price Valuation
The ship price valuation services are organized by CNPI.
The estimated sale price of a specific vessel placed on the market on a specific time period is conducted by a group of leading brokerage houses in China. More than one broker can be appointed via CNPI to give ship valuation at the same time. During the whole ship valuation process, CNPI will act as the intermediary between valuation brokers and principals, and the names of both brokers and principals will not be disclosed unless under legal requests, thus making the ship price more impartial, and accuracy and fairness of the ship valuation therefore can be guaranteed.
CNPI provides valuation reports and fleet portfolio valuations to a wide range of clients across the industry.For more information about the ship price valuation service, please feel free to contact us.
Consulting and Market Research
CNPI offers market analysis, market research, and reports. The research team of CNPI consists of senior brokers, academics, industrial professionals and experts. We provide suggestions and solutions to policy makers, authorities, corporates and other market participants. With an integrated team of professionals, the scope of our consulting and market research services has been extended far beyond newbuilding market.
Newbuilding and Ship Financial Derivatives
The volatility of ship price brings risks for many shipping participants, not only for shipyards, but also for those who own large assets of vessels and fleets.  However, the effective financial instruments for ship price risk management are limited.
At present, ship price derivatives research and development program has been initiated by USCO. In order to provide a useful tool for the risk management in shipping industry, USCO’s research team has been working closely with related colleges, universities, and financial institutions to develop ship price derivatives and related supporting system.
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